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Liikan Jitsu is...

Welcome to Lii-kan Jitsu

This site is for those interested in learning more about Shorinjitsu, Kyusho and other side arts  and the Liikan Jitsu personal security system of techniques and training for self-defence, health & fitness. For more information about our style and training activities, go to Club Activities page.

Our club is located in the Greater Helsinki area of Finland for which reason you can find Finnish translations wherever you see the Finnish Flag on this site.

Liity meihin

The name 'Liikan' is composed of two words, Lii and Kan which are the names for the 'I Ching' (Chinese Book of Changes) symbols, Fire and Water. This also reflects on the nature and sources of our core system, Japanese Jiu Jitsu (Ju Jutsu) and Chinese Kung Fu. In the Finnish language, Liikan has a different meaning implied, hence the use of a hyphen (Lii-Kan) when writing in Finnish. In accordance with the style name and outlook, we have even adopted a couple of theme tunes, which, you will no doubt, encounter whilst watching our own videos ;-) and, that you might enjoy listening to whilst browsing our site:

The core of our martial arts system is Shorinjitsu, to which, many other facets/schools of knowledge have been added in modern times to create the overall Lii-Kan Jitsu personal security and protection system. The local club (in Finland) is registered in Vantaa as Liikan Jitsu Club ry and in Espoo as the Liikan Jitsu Club, Espoo ry.


Ju Jutsu with a Taste of Kung Fu and a Touch of Kyusho

Not a cultural antique, neither a combat sport, nor a crude and clumsy quick-fix, half-baked partial art with self-defence tack-i-ons. But, a true Martial Art in keeping with real street-life, yet, remaining consistent with traditional martial ways of war moderated by modern pedagogy. It is a Personal Security and Risk Management System in which, modern day self-defence, conflict intervention, security and risk management are fully integrated as part of the main style and training programme.

It's all in the name:lajin kuvaus suomeksi

Lii-kan Jitsu



  • KungFu, Kali (/Escrima) & JuJutsu to Lii-kan Jitsu & Kyusho (Martial Arts)

  • Break-Falling to Break-Dancing & Parkour (Mobility & Fitness)

  • Chi Kung to NLP, sports & applied psychology (Mind Skills)

  • Self-defence to security & risk management (Practical Application)

All integrated into a practical, more natural and flowing style style of self-defence, with:

  • Effective and realistic training in a modern style and school for modern day society.

  • Expert and qualified instruction since 1987: More info on About US.


Within this site you will find information about Shorinjitsu and Liikan Jitsu PSS in general. 

To learn more, go to...

Alternatively, sign in to our pages on Facebook and become a friend for more information & chat. eTutorials are also available for club members in our private club page.

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