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Who are we?

The Liikan Jitsu Club and the Kyusho Study Group (KSG), Helsinki are a group of friendly and open minded people from a wide spectrum of martial art styles, ages, cultural backgrounds various and other recreational and professional interests and activities who get together twice per week to practice Liikan Jitsu (Shorinjitsu++) and once a month to study and practice Kyusho in a spirit of mutual support and cooperation.


Liikan Jitsu is a self-defense, conflict intervention and management for an all-round personal protection and security system. Links to a more detailed profile and some references can be found in the navigation menu at the top of this page. We are a registered Vantaa club, under the name of Liikan Jitsu Club ry. We have been established as an independent style and registered club in Finland since 1996 (formerly under the name of Oak Jitsu Seura ry).

We teach and train with both adults and children with a specially adapted learning programme for our younger members, for both their safety, and ours!


Fiendish Finglish Fun for all the Family!

Instructor Profiles

In addition to many years of training and teaching experience in Liikan Jitsu (Jiu Jitsu), our current Kyusho study group leaders also have several years experience in the security industry as public order & door supervisors (bouncers etc.) and guarding (retail & loss prevention). Our training and teaching experience is extensive, since 1983. That's over 30 years of training and 25 years of teaching experience with the foundation and teaching of 3 clubs since 1987, the latest one being the Liikan Jitsu Club ry, founded in 1996 (formerly the Oak Jitsu Club ry).

Instructor qualifications include a Higher Education Vocation Teacher qualification (University level teaching and lecturing), the IFPO Certified Protection Officer certificate, NLP Master Practitioner certificate, an M.Sc in Security and Risk Management and local Finnish state qualifications and work experience as Järjestyksenvalvoja / portsari (public order / door supervisors) and vartija (security guard / retail), with use of force rights, including pepper spray, baton, TKP and hand-cuff permits.

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Membership application forms (MAF) can be downloaded from the meetup site under the 'more' tab [files], in both English (EN) and Finnish (SF), along with training and membership prices guides.  To save time and inconvenience, these (pdf forms) should be printed out and the MAF completed ready for your first visit. Although forms may be obtained at the club, they must be properly completed and returned before you can participate in the training.



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