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Here you can find and a list of some of our favourite sites with some useful downloads,  links and brief descriptions of what they are about.


Spensort Training Services (STS)Spensort Training Services provide on-line educational programmes in Business, IT, Security and Risk Management topics. They also provide specialist and practical training courses / classes such as the Assault Awareness and Risk Management (A.A.R.M.) course for security professionals and members of the public alike.

  • Silenus Oy

Sponsor%20of%20Liikan%20Jitsu%20Club%20ryA wood and paper trading and sales company. They provide Financial, practical and moral support to the Liikan Jitsu Club and the Kyusho Study Group.


  • Kyusho International

    Link to Learn.KyushoKyusho on-line training programmes by Kyusho International. Kyusho is the Okinawan equivalent of Japanese Atemi and Chinese Dim Mak and as useful for healing and health as much as for martial arts. Educational programmes in the use of vital points that is practical and can be used with confidence.


    Helsinki Kyusho Study Group (Facebook)Practical Kyusho (Finland) training in the safe and friendly work-shop training atmosphere. As part of your own style training programme or as complementary art to improve and hone you knowledge and skills, training with the Kyusho Study Group, Helsinki makes great supplementary training.

    Membership Application Form: MAF >>


  • Shaolin Book Store

    Link to the Shaolin Kung Fu On-Line Book Store >>Translations of ancient and original Chinese manuscripts about the martial arts and all the skills within.



  • Turtle Press

    Link to Turtle Press martial arts webshopTurtle Press is a reputable publisher of books and DVDs about all things martial arts.


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Link to the Shaolin Kung Fu On-Line Book Store >>
Chinese  manuscript translations


Link to Turtle Press martial arts webshop
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