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Liikan Jitsu in a Nutshell

  • The Liikan Jitsu style is a combination of traditional Japanese Ju Jutsu and Chinese Kung Fu (Kung Fu Jitsu). It also has strong influences from Kali-Escrima, Shorinji Kempo, Kyusho Jitsu and other styles.

  • Liikan originated from traditional Jiu Jitsu systems, which, when combined with Kung Fu (as opposed to Karate), provides a much more versatile, natural and flowing style than currently taught in most Ju Jutsu schools. However Liikan Jitsu is not a purely unarmed system.

  • Specifically, Liikan draws on the principles and training methods of various other arts such as Judo, Katori, Silat (+Kali & Escrima), Chinese kung fu, in particular, Tai Chi and Wing Chun, but also Ba Gua, Praying Mantis & Shaolin White Crane and Laugar etc. This is complimented with more modern western disciplines such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Sports Psychology, criminology and security management in general.

  • The original system and forerunner of Liikan Jitsu was created by the Chief of the Japanese police force using his practical job experience. (see article: School History & Philosophy)

  • The Liikan style utilises foot and hand strikes, throws and lock-holds and includes ground fighting and  Close Quarter Combat in general. 

  • Training includes both unarmed and armed defence against both unarmed and armed assailants. Senior level training includes use of convenience weapons, knives, sticks and other major weapons.

  • The Liikan style includes 'Chi Kung' energy practice for both health and fighting applications.

  • We train both indoors and outdoors for different situations and according to the conditions. Winter Training / Summer Training

  • The system includes practical physical and psychological approaches and strategies for risk management and conflict resolution. Specifically the A.A.R.M. courses emphasise prevention, containment and management procedures using SAP (Stress, anxiety & panic) management and communication skills.

  • A large variety of practical training methods are used for conditioning the student for coping in different types of circumstances.  We are NOT a kata based system, instead preferring to utilize skill and flow drills, Waza (technique) sets, Scenario Seminars and other practical training and conditioning methods. These training methods include the more common corner stones of: sparring (kickboxing), Randoori (Judo Throwing), ground fighting (Gatame Waza), Chi Sao (Trapping Hands), SAP (e.g. Stress) Training and Bio-Energy Training (BET), e.g. Chi Kung / Qi Gong / Yoga or whatever else you want to call it.

  • The training provides a great way to keep fit and healthy whilst at the same time learning useful skills within a friendly workshop environment provided  by the Liikan Jitsu Club ry, and its many activities.

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