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News, Events and Web Banter

On this page you can find information about training events, news headlines and links to educational / training events, local social events and any other general news.

You can also find event announcements and register for events or the general training via Meetup. We also post notices Facebook and Eventbrite, but, with links back to meetup for the detailed information. More information may be available via Twitter (Pahkis) and WordPress via the Pahkis Blog.

Club Activities

  • Open Days for Autumn season 2018:

    • Saturday 25.8. @ 14:00-15:30 Kalajärven koulu, pieni sali, and

    • Tuesday 28.8. @ 18:30-20:00 Kalajärven koulu, pieni sali.

      Come and meet us, have some fun and gain some insights as to a very worthwhile hobby and education in life skills for life.

  • New Training Session:

    • From August 21st, 2018, we will be training on Tuesdays at the Kalajärvenkoulu in Espoo.

    • We train twice per week for which you can find up-to-date information and register on our Meetup pages.

      • Tuesdays: Juniors 17-18:30 & Seniors 18:30-20:00

      • Saturdays: Juniors 12:30-14:00 & Seniors 14:00-15:30

  • New Iltispuolustus Kerho:

    • In November, 2017 we opened our first afternoon club for school kids (free for the students: 1v-6v) at the Kalajärvenkoulu in Espoo. Unfortyunately, due to new work commitments, this afternoon club has had to be suspended till further notice.

  • Occasional Training Activities:

Extra activities are occasionally organised or participated in, such as, Break-dancing and Parkour training with visits to specialist training centres, and, outdoor training and camps during the summer season. Announcements and registrations are made on Meetup and, current members can also get advanced information and organisational help via our Whatsapp group.


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